Wigs & Hair Pieces for Hair Loss

Women’s hair loss can be an unsettling experience, and UNIWIGS is devoted to the needs of women experiencing medical hair loss. We are committed to easing you through this transitional time with a world of beautiful, comfortable medical hair loss wigs. Our collection of medical hair loss wigs gives you lightweight, stylish options. Reclaim your self-confidence today with our natural hair or synthetic medical hair loss products.


Charm Remy Human Hair Top Hairpiece


Three strategically placed pressure sensitive clips for a secure attachment, this clever hair enhancer offers you the option of the latest fringe hair trend without the commitment of cutting your hair. In addition to using this hairpiece as a clip in bang, it is perfect for those who experience hair loss on the crown of the head.

Human Hair & Synthetic Blend Wigs

Monofilament material is a thin gauze-like, nearly transparent material which is much more comfortable to the touch, little harder than the lace material. Hair strands are attached by hand-knotting to this material, one strand at a time, hence the term “mono-filament”. This allows the strands to swivel freely on base and so the monofilament wigs are more easily to be styled.

Among the many ready-to-wear wig options available on the market, monofilament wigs are distinct due to their unique traits and benefits. Mono-Part, Mono-Top and Mono-Crown all refer to types of monofilament wig cap constructions. Whether you’ve experienced complete or partial hair loss, these wigs are considered the best choice due to their light weight, comfort and styling options. This is extremely important if your hair loss is caused by medical illness and your scalp is more sensitive to weight and temperature. Women with these concerns find the monofilament construction and quality in these wigs the ideal solution.


These wigs give the illusion of natural hair growth since the sheerness of the fabric at the scalp blends in with the actual color of the skin. For that reason, this construction makes the wig virtually undetectable. The monofilament construction ensures that even if the wig hair is styled and parted in a different direction, the wig’s construction will not be revealed. Combined, the thinness of the fabric and the sheer color will make you forget you are wearing a wig at all!

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Short change your wig mix

Today’s fast pace of life, comfort wigs have become female fashion must-have hair tools. Not only will it save you the Salon doing hair, bleaching and dyeing hair, costs and time, can make you change yourself in a short time, and does not detract from the original hair.

Types of wigs and artificial materials can be divided into the classes class (synthetic hair). Advantages of hair products are really the true sense can also stain, the disadvantage is the high price is not easy to train, and synthetic hair products are relatively inexpensive. If imported materials can be achieved in terms of appearance, texture, colour, dip as much as the effect of real hair. Low-grade wig looked rough, but some distortion, don’t look. Good wig hair fine, hand-made more refined, my scalp more plausible, unventilated effect is better.

The lady who like to use hairpieces to change shape, may according to some expert tips to choose for their children’s wig.

On the face of it:

Pale–pale complexion is beauty and brains, but if improper color selection of wigs, will make you look healthy, remember that light brown-red, light brown red and soft colors of this kind will make your face red and angry;

Yellow-the colour yellow can choose to use natural black and darker colors such as light brown, yellowish skin complexion and many. Don’t choose a yellow hair color, it will cause more unsightly skin already look good;

Natural skin-this skin is the best, look healthy and shiny, a great room for selecting hair color, such as yellow, Brown, wine red, deep purple, dark coffee so good;

Diamond face-select hair is better suited, especially the forehead part of fluffy, mandibular full hairstyle too, so overall it would be coordinated.

Take a look at your skin, with the wig:

Black skin pigmentation – serious, causes the skin to pale matte look, on the hair color you want to use some natural black, dark orange background will look bright.

Wig style range of sleek. Applied at different occasions, such as work, tourism, leisure, dinner, suit your fashion style, makes you image changing, charming soars.

Round face – you can choose something that will cover the cheeks of the hair to make the face appear long and plump face looked so tiny;

Oval face – you can choose some bangs 46 min or 37 per cent joint and overall great wavy wig, flowing lines set off in the Palatine below, will make the face look vivid and have a sense of flow lines;

Square face – a face be careful ladies, if you don’t pay attention, will no doubt their shortcomings exposed in the face of stiff, so you should try to choose lower levels on both sides, slightly curly hair, many will make your face look softer, making you more tender;

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Get to Know Semi-finished Wigs

Want different hair styles every now and then? Do you want to style your hair as you like without worrying damage to your own hair? Are you looking for a top quality hair wig which can be styled many times by coloring, curling or styling? UniWigs Semi-finished Wigs are the best choice for you!
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Always Virgin Human Hair

UniWigs semi-finished wigs are made with superior virgin remy human hair, which is collected from the donors in temples. All hair is traceable. The cuticles of the hair remain same direction, which maintains the smooth, silky appearance of the hair for the greatest amount of time.

The most natural colors

Meanwhile, during the process of making wigs, the hair has not been chemically treated in any way; this keeps the cuticle of the hair intact (chemical processing damages the cuticle) making the hair smoother in appearance. The colors of these semi-finished wigs come into being naturally by applying oxidation to the hair, thus when the melanin of the original was removed, color generates automatically.
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Style the wig just as you like

Leaving the wig styled by your stylist, you are free to go ahead as your schedule instead of sitting and waiting for several hours until the hairstyle was done. You only need to go back to the salon and get the ready-to-wear wig with the style you want. Time saving, right? Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the damage to your natural hair or even to your health while you restyle the wig many times!
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In addition, you will get professional services like wearing, restyling, dyeing and repairing the wigs you bought from UniWigs in our franchised salons!


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How to Choose a Good-Quality Synthetic Wig

Wigs can be used for fashion, a temporary change from your own natural hairstyle, or serve as your hair in instances of scalp or medical conditions. However, the primary goal is selecting a realistic-looking wig that fools others into thinking it’s really your hair. Choosing the right synthetic wig will help you look your best while sporting your new faux ‘do.



Examine the synthetic wig against a real human hair option. Choose the one that mimics real hair in terms of sheen, color and drape.

Feel a variety of synthetic wigs. Coarse wigs look less natural but normally have a lower price point. Better quality options feel silky and fine, again resembling real hair.


Select a monofilament or hand-tied synthetic wig. Monofilament wigs look very much like real hair growing from your scalp once you put them on. Hand-tied synthetic wigs tend to be less dense, resembling the natural way human hair tends to grow. Hand-tied options appear more natural and less bulky than machine-wefted or stitched wigs, enabling increased styling options.

Find a wig that is heat-friendly. Cheaper synthetic wigs are easily damaged from curling irons, flat irons and some higher-powered blow dryers. Heat-friendly options hold their style until heat is reapplied, even through washings.

Blends offer the look of real hair with the easier maintenance of synthetics.

Human hair from Uniwigs

Hair used by Uniwigs is mainly from the hair market in Juancheng, hair city of China. In addition, Uniwigs also purchases hair from other hair markets around the world. According to the sources, human hair can be divided into Chinese hair, Indian hair, European hair, etc.

European hair is very rare in the market. So the price is very expensive. Indian hair and Chinese hair are both Asian hair. It is hard to tell the difference. From the out looking, Indian hair has the natural wave, but Chinese hair does not. If you touch it, Indian hair is soft and thin, but Chinese hair is thicker. At present, Chinese hair accounts for 40% of the total hair output in the world.

There are two types of hair in the market, Remy hair and non-Remy hair. Remy hair is cut directly from the donor. Non-Remy hair or what we call fallen hair has fallen in the natural shedding process like washing and combing, and then been collected together. Unlike Remy hair, non-Remy hair is not healthy because fallen is a shortage of hair nutrition. It will tangle easily after several times’ wash.


Nowadays, the products made from Remy hair usually will be twice as expensive as those made from fallen hair. Thus, some people use non-Remy hair counterfeit Remy hair. How can we distinguish Remy hair and non-Remy hair? As non-Remy hair is fallen naturally so there will be hair follicles which you can see clearly by eyes. Remy hair is cut from the head, so no hair follicles exist. Besides, after several washings, Remy hair would keep good smooth and soft, but non-Remy hair would get tangle and shedding badly.
In order to keep quality on a stable and high level, Uniwigs only uses Remy human hair for hair products. Our quality control team would ensure the hair quality from the beginning of raw material.

Uniwigs Launched Affordable Clip in Hair Extensions for Spring

As spring comes, Uniwigs, the leading online wigs provider launched some beautiful clip in hair extensions for people who want their hair longer and thicker.

Some feedbacks from customers said they want to buy cheap but high quality human hair clip in hair extensions and ask Uniwigs to offer this kind of products. Yes, Uniwigs only offer high quality but expensive clip in hair extensions before. But this time, in order to meet customers’ needs, Uniwigs launched many high quality clip in hair extensions, and they are made with 100% human hair. People can rest assured to buy.

Uniwigs also launched many colorful synthetic hair extensions, because some young girls like to look colorful in spring. Uniwigs launched both human hair and synthetic clip in hair extensions to feedback people this time. Why say so? Because most of the products make little to no profits.

Uniwigs hair extensions come in the largest variety of colors, lengths and textures, giving you nearly infinite combination options Uniwigs maintains the highest level of integrity of the hair they sell by making its products available only to Uniwigs trained and certified stylists.

People on YouTube like Uniwigs hair extensions very much. If you search Uniwigs via YouTube, then you can see many videos and tutorials made by those YouTube fashion gurus. Here is a link about Uniwigs hair extension and was made by a girl from Germany, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbnhvloSZmM. People can watch it and know Uniwigs from this video.

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Has served customers in favor of wigs for many years, Uniwigs now is the biggest wig brand online. With professional hair stylist teams and celebrity hair styles, Uniwigs has become a well- known brand broadly recommended by hundreds of YouTube gurus and customers. Many pictures, videos and reviews are transmitted on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram of Uniwigs.

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Spread love for your mom on mother’s day

Mother’s Day in the United States is annually held on the second Sunday of May, and this year this special day falls on May 11th. It’s a day to celebrate motherhood and it is time to appreciate mothers and mother figures. Many people give gifts, cards, flowers, candy as presents and have a meal in a restaurant or other treats to their mother and mother figures.

Happy Mother's Day

Mothers are the most beautiful women in the world; unfortunately, mother’s hair are breaking off, thinning, or has bald spots at an ungodly rate with increasing age which can be noticeable and make mom feel embarrassing. It’s sad. Wearing a wig is a fast way to hide the problem. To many moms, one wig is the best gift on Mother’s Day. A wig can let mom looks younger and more beautiful than her age and a present as this will surely cheer them up.

mother's day

Uniwigs Mother’s Day sale is a good news for some people who are feel troubled when choosing a suitable gift for their moms. There are 40 top sellers on sale up to 80% off. The top sellers are including top synthetic wigs, top synthetic with mono wigs, lace front human hair wigs and full lace human hair wigs. Experiment with a few styles to find a few wigs that are flattering. What’s more, we will spread your full love for your mom along with some surpring gifts in the package.

Tips for caring wigs:

1. Human hair wigs are a bit more expensive but last longer than synthetic wigs.

2.Taking care of both synthetic and human hair wigs will help them to last longer, such as gently washing or combing the hair.

How to salvage a tangled cosplay wig

Most people discard a cosplay wig when it has become damaged or tangled. This is unnecessarily wasteful, especially if a kanekalon wig is thrown away. So, let’s focus on methods of salvaging tangled cosplay wig made from high temperature fibers and kanekalon bellow.

cosplay wig

First, let’s look at a tangled cosplay wig. Just as the photo shows, it’s rather jagged and fluffy. There are knots of about 10 centimeters away from the top.

It will be difficult to comb it without using some type of hair detangler. So, add a little hair detangler and grab a small section of the hair with your left hand. Use your right hand to comb the hair using a steel comb or an anti-static comb from tips to root.

Do not instantly, resort to using scissors, if you encounter a knot. First, run your fingers over the knot, attempt to smoothen it. If it becomes smooth, just pull it and comb it with a steel comb.

If it does not become smooth, use your fingers to quickly drag small knots to the tips. The knots should be as small as possible. Then, cut at the middle of each knot; don’t pull the hair once cut. Use steel combs to comb it once again until all cut knots are pulled from the wig and adhere to the steel comb.

When encountering a group of, do not use scissors because these knots will easily form while handling a wig. If you cut the wig frequently, the wig will have less depth. Instead, separate the smooth hair to one side of the wig and the group of knots to the other side of the wig. Then, comb the wig upwards, about 10 centimeters above the knot several times, using some force until the knot combs smoothly.

Repeat above two steps as needed. In most cases, hair is tangled and has knots, however you can deal with these utilizing the above two steps. After removing all knots, wash the hair. Flush water while combing. Then, allow the wig to air dry.

If possible, use an electric hair flat iron, which is the only tool to smooth jagged end. Before clipping, comb several at times and hold the top of the wig with one hand to avoid it hanging freely. Grab small section of hair with the other hand and slowly flat iron the hair from roots to tip. Use a little force for a smoother look and to evenly distribute the heat.

And there you have it; a tangled cosplay wig made from high temperature fibers has been restored to the original shape.

This will create the finished look, the tips of the hair are no longer tangled and frizzy, instead you now have soft and silky, tangle-free hair. Spray a bit of hair detangler and store the hair into a hermetic bag until the hair detangler dries.

Uniwigs Hair Weft Extensions

UniWigs human hair weft extensions are made from the finest quality materials, using premium quality Remy cuticle hair.

The Optimum Cuticle Remy Hair is truly the most exceptional ever. Unlike other commercial hair, the cuticle has not been removed from the hair, just as nature intended. Cuticle hair is created by careful processing which leaves the cuticle layer of the hair in place. The result is a superior hair item that colors beautifully and has the highlights and natural shading of your own hair. These super versatile wefts are not clip-in so they can be cut and applied by your salon professional using sew-in clips, cold fusion tape, or other methods of application. Your stylist can expertly blend these customizable extension wefts with your own hair for added length and volume.

Weft hair extensions can be purchased from most beauty supply stores in either synthetic fiber or 100 percent human hair. Wefts are strands of hair that are woven into long, cloth bands. The bands, not the actual extension hair, are what you attach to your natural locks. Wefts are applied to your hair with a special type of latex glue made specially for hair extensions. Give your hair the length and body you want by applying weft hair extensions.



Create a horizontal part across the back of your head about 2 to 3 inches from the nape of your neck. Clip the rest of your hair away.

Measure the part and cut a weft slightly smaller than the measurement.


Apply a thin line of glue along the rough side of the band at the top of the weft.

Press the glue-side of the weft along the part, about 1/4 inch from the roots. Lightly press your fingers all along the weft.

Hold the extension in place for about 30 seconds to allow the glue to dry. Unclip your hair and create another horizontal part across the back of your head about 1/2 inch above the first part.

Repeat the applications until you reach just below the crown of your head. Extensions applied any higher will be visible.

Make a horizontal part about 1/2 inch above your left ear. Cut a weft slightly smaller than the part and repeat the applications until you reach just below your temple. Repeat this process for the other side of your hair.

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Lace Closure